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Frequently Asked Questions


Browse some of our client's most frequently asked questions. We want you to feel knowledgeable and excited when booking your appointment at Ritual. Still have questions? Contact us today and we'll get back to you!

How long will my appointment take?


It all depends on your treatment chosen and whether it's your first time coming in. Generally, I ask clients to set aside 90-120 minutes from start to finish for the first facial treatment. I am not in a rush, and I am hoping you are not either! I encourage clients to schedule treatments when you don't have other plans. Waxing can take 20-45 minutes.

Will I break out after my treatments?

Every client reacts differently. 95% of my clients don't break out and end up with glowing, soft skin after. ​The ones that do usually are the ones that: don't do a daily skin regimen, use gunky products that need to be detoxed from their skin, or already have acne prone skin. If you break out, you are welcome to come back in for a high frequency treatment to calm it down. These breakouts are your skin purging the 'bad stuff' that is lying dormant deep inside and needs to detox. 

What products do you use?


I've chosen only the best for my clients. I hold a high standard for quality, real results, and natural, non-toxic ingredients. Which is why I use Osmosis MD, Young Blood & Billion Dollar Brow product lines. Osmosis MD is a holistic medical-grade line that has proven long-term change in the skin.  All of the products are pure, clean and results-driven. 

What should I do before my facial?


Water, water, water! Drink tons of water before and after your facial. This will help your body detox better so that you don't detox through your skin. ​Want to take it up another notch? Add lemon to your water. That's a great habit anyway. Please also discontinue any exfoliants and retinols 4-7 days prior. 

What should I do after my facial?


I repeat the importance of drinking tons of water for days after your facial. It's beneficial if you can skip make-up application the day of and after, but I understand that can be difficult. Check over any skin care notes provided to you and try to adhere to those for best results. Do not over exfoliate and always wear sunscreen. Also, pass up on exercise the day of your treatment. 

How often should I receive facials and waxing?


If you are experiencing any skin issues such as; acne, pigmentation, aging or rosacea that you want to see quick results, weekly or bi-weekly treatments for 6-8 sessions are your best bet. Results take longer if you spread out your services. Once you have the issue under control, or you are looking for maintenance, 4-6 week facials are recommended. Facial waxing depends on each clients hair growth, but generally every 4-6 weeks. 

What if I have questions after my treatment?


I am happy to answer questions anytime. In fact, I love it! Contact me with any question you have anytime, and I will respond as soon as I can. ​

Will I get the same results if I don't follow your product recommendations?


I'll be honest, it takes a lot longer, and I don't see the same results. My clients who use the skin care that I recommend (and are consistent), have FAR better success with their skin. You waste more money on using over-the-counter products. Especially when you are spending money on treatments. You end up going forward two steps, backwards three. Compare it to going to the gym daily and eating fast food after you leave. ​Doesn't make sense, right? On the other hand, I will never pressure you. It's up to you what path you want to take in your skin care journey. 

I use face cleansing wipes, apricot scrub, and other OTC products. Is this ok?


I try to be as gentle with this as possible, but I cringe every time I hear of a client using these. Don't trust marketing and the front of labels. I read labels and become outraged with how misleading they are. There are so many toxic-filled products on the market. I wish everyone stopped using wipes, apricot scrubs and many other products on the market. Simply, because they are stripping your vital lipid layer, causing inflammation and aging your skin. 

What tools do you use during facials?


I am a big fan of both tools and massage. Massage brings circulation to the blood flow, leaves you with a healthy glow, and products penetrate better. Win-Win!​ I also use tools which include: Osmosis Epic Face Roller, which promotes 30% increased penetration of your serums. I use an ultrasonic skin scrubber during extractions and product penetration. I love the Kansa Wand and Jade Roller for lymphatic drainage massage with nourishing serums. Both of these are ancient Ayurvedic & Chinese massage techniques. I am amazed at the results from these tools. They leave your skin plump and radiant. Another wow factor tool is the RevitaPen. It's gentle feeling, yet provides powerful results that leave permanent change in your skin. I recommend almost everyone to have a RevitaPen Infusion monthly for youthful, vital skin. There are many more tools I use, but I should also mention my LED Light Therapy, which is pure delight. How amazing to relax under a light that enhances and heals your skin while promoting collagen production! Red for wrinkles/collagen, Blue for acne and Green for rosacea/sensitive skin.

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